DIY: Cute Valentine’s Day Cards

Hey everyone! Are you looking for some cute Valentine’s Day cards? In this tutorial I will show you 3 different card ideas that are not only cute but also easy to make! You can get very creative with these basic ideas especially with the slider card you can paint anything you want on it that […]

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Hey everyone! I somehow forgot to update here again! I am so sorry guys! T_T This time I will really try to post at least every week, if there is something new! So many exclamation marks… If you are subscribed to my channel, you have probably seen my latest videos. If not, here are the […]

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Giveaway – Winners!

Hey everyone!Finally I can announce the winners of my last giveaway. I put every entry from my blog, facebook and of course YouTube comments together, filtered invalid comments and randomized the winners (Only 451 from a total of 600 entries were valid). But let’s move on to the winners! The winners are: – mikaelapadiernos1– littlecupcakeforever– […]

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DIY: Phone Dust Plug

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to show you how you not only can enhance your phone, but also to keep the dust away! This was an requested tutorial and it was really fun to make! You can use it for your phone, Ipad, Iphones, everything. The plug is actually universal! You only need a little […]

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DIY: Bow Ring

Hello everyone! It has been awhile but I finally have a new tutorial for you! There were quiet a lot of tutorials about bow rings but somehow they had the same shape or were out of fabric. So this time I wanted to show how I usually make my bow rings. Of course you can […]

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