It's time for an art supply haul!! Are you an art supplies addict? Cause I am! And I love to chat about my new watercolor sets, paper, pens and other discoveries with you!

I'm really interested in watercolors lately. So I wanted to dive in and learn everything about it to be able to help you when you start with this new medium. I've been using the same brand for watercolors for years now. But I wanted to test out more brands to have a broader knowledge and help you find a good watercolor set for you.

There are millions of brands for watercolors. And you guys made a lot of suggestions on which watercolor sets I should try. Since I couldn't buy all of them (Some are not even shipped to germany!) I decided to go for the most popular ones!

Watch my art supply haul below to find out which art supplies I collected and tested through out the last months!

You'll also find a complete list of all the supplies mentioned right below the video.

  • Daniel Smith Essentials Watercolor Set (US*, UK*GER*)
  • ShinHan Professional Watercolor Set (US*)
  • Komorebi Watercolor Paint Set
  • Camel Artist Watercolors
  • Kuretake Gansai Tambi (US*)
  • White Nights Watercolors by Nevskaya Palitra
  • Metallic Interference Watercolors by Royal Talens (US*)
  • Holbein Watercolors
  • Finetec/Coliro Metallic Watercolors
  • Black Watercolor Paper by Royal Talens (US*)
  • Black Sketchbook by Hahnemühle
  • Mission Gold Watercolors
  • Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint by Royal Talens (US*, UK*, GER*)
  • Watercolor Fixative by Schmincke
  • MH&P Watercolor Canvas
  • Watercolor Paper by Clairefontaine
  • Zig-Zag Book by Hahnemühle
  • Posca Pens PC-3M (US*)
  • Jack Richeson Porcelain Mixing Palette (US*)

Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links! This means I get a very small commission that may benefit me financially if you buy one of the products mentioned here!