If you have seen last weeks video you'll know that I got myself some black paper to paint on. I realized that some of you might feel a little bit intimidated by new supplies. You've never used them before and you might have no idea what you can do with it and that can be really scary! But don't worry I'm here to help you! This time with some Black Paper Painting Ideas!

In my video below I'm using the black book by hahnemühle because it has rather thick and smooth paper. But you can use whatever black paper you have!

My first black paper painting idea is to create mandalas, dot art inspired by the aborigines or a mixture of both. This type of art on black paper is awesome because you can use bold colors and they will stand out on the paper! I'm using my posca pens which work great on dark surfaces.

If you want you can plan out your design before you start painting. You can either do that on a simple piece of paper or you can use an app for example procreate to help you plan out your mandala. But you can also skip the planning and start right on your black paper. (Need more help on how to draw a mandala? I put a link at the end of this page for you!)

Metallic watercolors are also a great idea for your black paper. They do stand out as well and reflect the light so beautifully! In my video I'm using my coliro metallic watercolors to create roses. (Need more help in how to create roses? You'll also find a link for you below)

For more black paper painting ideas and inspiration watch my video below!

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