It's spring, a season filled with beautiful colors! That's why today is all about spring painting ideas! You always wanted to learn how to paint cherry blossoms inspired flowers with watercolors with me? Perfect! Because that is exactly what we're doing today! 😉

The first thing to do is sketching out the painting on a separate piece of paper. (You can use drawing or regular paper.) Create a square in the size of choice. This will be your frame. In my video you can see the blossoms growing outside of the frame. I got this idea from Wei Tieng, an artist from Malaysia, that I discovered on Instagram. Her art is so beautiful you might wanna check her out and show her some love!

This technique makes the whole painting look more three-dimensional and more alive. After the frame you want to outline your flowers. I created one big flower with smaller flowers around it. Start with some simple circles so that you can plan out your painting and see if the composition and space work well together. If you want blossoms to grow out of the frame let your circles outside of the lines too.

Going more into detail, you can sketch out the petals now. Since I wanted my flowers to look like cherry blossoms I created rather round shaped triangles around the center of the circles. You can also sketch out some buds of a cherry tree instead of blossoms. If you want and have some space left you can also add a few leaves and branches.

Transfer your sketch onto your watercolor paper and choose your watercolors.

Let's start painting!

In my video below you can watch me plan out, paint and adjust my cherry blossoms inspired flowers. But there is no right or wrong! There are soooo many different ways to paint cherry blossoms, they can be pink, red, super abstract or super realistic. Don't feel like you have to paint them in a certain way. Have fun and experiment!

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