Are you struggling with mixing your watercolors? It's a huge topic for a lot of artist but with a little knowledge about colors you can mix your watercolors like a PRO! And of course I'm here to show you how!

Here we go!

Blue, Red and Yellow are the main color families/primary colors. (Not to be confused with Cyan, Magenta and Yellow but as long as you're not a printer you should focus on both! Focusing only on Blue, Red and Yellow OR only on Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, can be really limiting and stressful!)

With these colors you can mix secondary colors for example Purple, Orange and Green.

Depending on which member of the Red, Blue and Yellow family you mix together, you'll get either very vibrant secondary colors or a rather dull and muddier version.

If you have different shades of primary colors you'll see that they lean toward a specific secondary color:

  • Warm colors tend to lean more towards orange and red.
  • Cool primary colors lean more towards cool colors such as green and blue.

Sometimes it takes a little practice to see the differences!

To help you practice this and to figure out which colors you can mix with your watercolor set you can create a mixing chart with your own watercolor set as I did in the video below. Feel free to use it as a guide for your own mixing chart!

I also created a FREE and FUN cheat sheet on mixing watercolors where you learn more about colors and of course about mixing watercolors! You can click here and download right now for free!

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