Recently there are a lot of questions about the right amount of water in your watercolor paintings. Here are some tips for you to master the paint-to-water ratio! So that you can easily control water and end up with the colors you wanted!

The first way to control your paint-to-water ratio is when you mix your paint! You can use more water and less paint for a very light color and more paint and less water for a saturated and dark color.

My tip is to create a value scale! Watch the video down below to see how to do that!

You can also change your paint-to-water-ratio with the amount of water you add to the paper! Too much water leads to a dome or pools of water on your paper and not enough makes your paint harder to blend.

My tip is to add as much water until you see a light shimmer or a gloss of water.

Watch my video below to learn more about the right paint-to-water ratio.

If you tried everything but it still seems to you that you don't get the right paint-to-water ratio, don't worry it's probably not your fault! You might have the wrong supplies. No idea what the right supplies are? No problem!

You can download my FREE guide on watercolor supplies here where I show you why your paint dries patchy and pale and how you can fix this!!

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