Have you ever had to deal with criticism? Have you found yourself hearing those negative comments from other people echoing in your head? Did those comments make you feel less confident? Or do you not know how to gain that confidence in the first place? Do you know how you can actually improve your art? Dealing with artist problems is tough!

Today, we (me and some of my artist friends who came over to my YouTube channel) are spilling the tea about those artist problems!

The truth is: We've all been there!

But there's a way out of it! And we want to give you a gentle push in the right direction!

One thing that always works for me is surrounding myself with inspiring people I can learn from. If there is no one in your local area, you can just search the internet!

Another thing I really love and use a lot is Skillshare, where you can learn so much!! It's an online learning community for creatives. They partnered with me again so if you want to try it, click here * and you get 2 months of access to all the premium content for free!

Here is the full video where my art friends tell you how they perceive and deal with criticism, confidence and art.

I hope it gives you totally new perspectives and helps you taking your art to the next level.

[2:35] Do you compare yourself to other artists?
[5:38] What do you do when your art doesn't turn out the way you wanted it?
[8:33] How do you deal with criticism?
[13:05] Are you afraid of wasting your art supplies?
[15:57] How did you gain confidence in your art?
[19:23] When did you start calling yourself an artist?
[22:39] What was the number one thing you did that improved your art?
[26:11] What is the biggest advice you have for someone who wants to improve their art?

Huge shoutout to my artist friends who came over to my channel! Thank you so much for your time!

Jenna Rainey
Dana (wonderforest)
Katie Jobling
Joly Poa

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