Have you ever found yourself wondering about how to start with your watercolors? You feel creative and really want to try something new but you just don't know how & where to start and lose that feeling of creativity?

Don't worry I'm here to guide you through the very first steps!

First of all, you don't need a lot of expensive equipment and you can easily learn painting with watercolors without being extremely talented in the first place!!

Step 1: The Paint!

I don't think it's necessary to have huge watercolor sets with uncountable different colors. The truth is: This can be so overwhelming!! You might want to choose a watercolor set with cool and warm versions of red, blue and yellow. You can mix a variety of different colors with them! (Need a little FREE extra help with mixing watercolors click here or find another link at the bottom after reading this post!)

Be careful with cheap watercolor sets because they can be super chalky and it can be a real nightmare to work with them! So I would always choose quality over quantity!

Step 2: Brushes!

Did you buy a big set of cheap brushes? Me too!

BUT: You don't need thousands of different brushes! Having one or two versatile brushes is enough! So instead of buying 10 cheap brushes that'll be frustrating to work with, spend your money on one good brush! You can use a medium sized round brush with soft bristles and a fine tip for all of your paintings! For thin and thick strokes!

Step 3: Paper!

When it comes to watercolor paintings paper has a huge influence on your results! It's the foundation of your painting! Which means that if you use the best paint and the best brushes in combination with the worst paper your results won't be good!

When you practice you can use student grade watercolor paper but if you want the best results you might want to invest in 100% cotton paper! The difference is amazing!!! You can buy a big sheet of cotton paper and cut it into size which will be a lot cheaper!

Step 4: Setting up your space!

You need:

  • 2 jars with clean water
    • 1 for rinsing off your brush
    • 1 for clean water you can use in your painting
  • paper towels
    • to soak up excess water
  • porcelain mixing palette or a white plate
    • when you use watercolor tubes
  • washi tape / tape for sensitive surfaces
    • to tape down loose sheets of paper

For more information on how & where to start with watercolors and some techniques watch my video below! I'll show you two examples to get you as excited about watercolor painting as I am!!

If you need a quick cheat sheet on watercolor supplies click here to download a FREE resource I created for you!

As promised above here is my FREE guide on mixing watercolors!

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Here is a full list of all the supplies I used in my video!

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