Have you ever felt like you wanted to do something and you feel motivated and excited but when it comes to do things you feel like you ran out of fuel? You don't know how to get out of that creative rut, even though you know that this is what makes you happy!

This how I felt for the last couple of weeks!

Now, don't get me wrong! I love my job and if I don't set myself boundaries I end up working the whole day, every day! And this is actually the problem/the point when passion turns into stress.

I was burned out because I haven't given myself time to relax and recharge!

Getting out of that creative rut can seem pretty hard! But it's easier as you might think! All you need to do is giving yourself some time and space to recharge!

You're probably wondering how to do that. Bad news: There is not THE one option how to do that. Good News: You can get some inspiration on what I did that make me fuel my body and mind and leave that creative rut far behind me! Watch my video below to get inspired and get one step closer to the joy of creating art!

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