Are you looking for a new hobby to help you relax and unwind? You thought of painting and wondered how to start with watercolors? And you're still not sure if this is the right thing for you? Please go on reading, let me wipe away those doubts and fears and walk the very first steps with you!

A huge blank sheet of paper/ How am I supposed to fill up all this space?!

Does that sound familiar? It's a nightmare (for me too!!) BUT the truth is: You don't have to fill up huge sheets of paper! Just take a pencil or washi tape and divide your paper into smaller sections. It's so much easier to fill up these smaller sections while creating multiple paintings!

But what should I paint?

When you're just starting your watercolor painting journey, you probably want to learn how to paint. So don't beat yourself up if you don't have tons of ideas on what to paint or if you're not feeling super creative. The internet is full of ideas! There are plenty of royalty-free websites with pictures you can use as a reference picture. Maybe you'll find some inspiration by scrolling through them. Let go of the pressure and focus on learning some basic watercolor techniques.

How am I supposed to learn techniques?

You'll learn techniques while painting! If you wanna learn more about techniques I have a FREE beginners guide to watercolor painting which gives you an overview on techniques (and supplies) you need to start your watercolor painting journey. I'll put a link at the end of this entry for you. 😉

But how do I really start painting now?

Start simple! Grab your brush and don't get lost in all the details. Pay attention to the colors and how they are mixing together.

Tip: If you start with colors like yellow and orange, you're less likely to create muddy colors. 😉 Because they are close to each other on the color wheel. If you wanna learn more about mixing watercolors, you'll also find a link for my FREE guide on that at the end of this entry. 😉

You could for example start with painting a sunset. Just start with yellows and oranges and add additional colors as you practice using the different sections on your paper that you created earlier.

I hope you're ready to start your watercolor painting journey now! If you're still not sure or simply like videos watch my video below to find out more on how to start with watercolors!

As promised above you'll find the link to download my FREE beginners guide to watercolors here. Where I'll walk your first steps in your watercolor journey with you.

And here is your FREE guide on mixing watercolors where you'll learn a bit about color theory to set yourself up for success!

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