If you know me you know that I love to support you in your watercolor journey and give you some inspiration and new painting ideas! That's why today I show you how to paint feathers!!

Now before you say: “That's way to difficult! I'm a beginner!” Let me show you that it's so much easier than you think! You just need to know how!

Let's start with the outlines and with a watercolor graphite HB pencil that dissolves in water. I painted two curved lines right next to each other for the middle part of the feather and added one more line on each side about 2 cm away from the center.

You don't have to outline but if you do make sure to not press your pencil too hard on the paper or oyu will carve in the outlines into your paper. And keep in mind that erasing things will be more than just diffucult!

Before I started painting with my watercolors, I applied a thin layer of water inside the first feather. Because the wet in wet technique is a great way to make different colors blend into each other.

Extra Tip when it comes to your watercolors: If you don't want to worry about muddy colors use an analogous color scheme. (As I did in my video below. If you wanna learn more about colors, color schemes or mixing your colors, you'll find a link at the end of this entry to all my FREE resources!)

Watch my video below to learn how to paint feathers by watching me doing exactly that!

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