Did you ever deal with perfectionism? Being an artist can make you struggle with it a lot! You want your painting to be perfect. You want it to look exactly how you planned it. You want it to look amazing from the first brush stroke to the last.

I do get that BUT that perfectionism is probably ruining the fun! That's why I want to tell you how to deal with that perfectionism and show you the process of how I paint the moon and through which stages it went during that process!

How to Paint the Moon

The first thing I did was using a bowl to create a circle. You can choose any size you want. But the larger the circle, the more space you have to play around with!

I used the wet in wet technique and only one color. Diluted with lots of water I distributed the paint inside the circle. No need to be perfect here! 😉 It's just a base and we can add more dimension with a more saturated version of the same color. To get a more saturated version dilute your color with less water and start applying it to the areas where the moon is darker. Keep in mind that depending on the water-to-color-ratio your color will spread out more or less!

You can use a reference picture or watch my video below for more support. I highly recommend watching my video because that's where you'll not only learn how to create dimension in your moon but also how to deal with perfectionism!

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