Are you sitting at home and thinking of how to spend your time? Are you stressed because of the current situation and you need something to calm you down and help you destress? Don't worry I know a perfect solution for you! DIY watercolor bookmarks!! Today you'll get some painting ideas and learn how to make your own cute watercolor bookmarks! You can create them for yourself or as a gift to someone else! Who doesn't love DIY gifts?!

They are super easy and fun to make and you only need a few colors!

Before you start you want to tape down your watercolor paper and divide it into equal sections. As you might already know I use washi tape for this!

Inspired by the spring season I decided to create a loose floral pattern for my first bookmark and filled the second with strawberries. In the third one I created a fun pattern by playing around with different shapes. I painted rainbows, different wavey lines, dots and squares.

One last super fun and relaxing painting idea is inspired by the glazing technique. Isn't it fascinating how colors change when you overlap them!

You don't always need to paint something realistic or a certain object!

If you want to learn the exact steps of how I painted these beautiful patterns on my bookmarks watch my video below!

Once everything is completely dry you can remove the tape. Now you only need to cut your DIY watercolor bookmarks into their sizes. (I kept a small frame around them.) And they're ready to be used or gifted!

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