Since the past couple of days have been a bit cold I thought it would be nice to paint something warm and cozy with you. So during our fourth live painting session we paint a nice hot cup of coffee and tea with watercolors!

As you might know from the first three live painting sessions we will be doing everything step by step together! And don't worry if you haven't seen any of the other sessions you'll learn every technique we need for our cups during our session. And you can just watch the other session later if you want to! You'll learn every technique we need for our cups during our session.

Now before we start I want to mention that I have a facebook group where you can share your results because I'd love to see them! There is a lot of love, feedback and tips in our group and I'm already excited to see your art!! You'll find a link to the group at the end of this blogpost.

What do you need to paint cups of coffee and tea with watercolors?
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • a small bowl or mug (if you don't want to draw the circle free hand)
  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor
  • brush
  • two jars of water (one to clean your brush, one for clean water)
  • paper towel
Let's paint are hot cups of coffee and tea!

Did you follow along? Do you love your result? Please join my facebook group and post your painting. I'd love to see it!

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