Are you frustrated with your painting abilities and your perfectionism? You always want to make your paintings look perfect? And you tend to never be happy with your results? Today I share some tips with you on how you can overcome this, so you can simply pick up your brush and start painting!

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Now let's dive right into what will help you when you're frustrated with your painting abilities and your perfectionism!

Most of the time, being frustrated means that we want something to be a certain way. We tend to compare ourselves to others and think that things in our life could be better. So you might look at someone's art and ask yourself: Why does my painting look like crap?! Why can't I be better than this?!

And that is exactly the wrong way to look at it!

Art is meant to be an extension of emotion, thought, something you do to relax and to express yourself. It’s not a competition!

The truth is we will never be a hundred percent happy with anything! We will always look for the next thing when we reach one thing. The thought “It could be better” will probably never go away but you can still be satisfied with the result you just created!

We are all work in progress!

You would never bash your friend who is trying to learn something new and get better at it. So why are you doing this to yourself? Whenever frustration creeps in think about what didn't work out. What is the thing or the skill that you need to get better at? Is it the color mixing? Composition? Proportion?

“Every Master was once a beginner, every pro was once an amateur”

No one was born with a special talent. In order to be good at something, you have to practice it. How long did it take you to learn how to walk or how to talk? How many hours did you spend on learning how to read and write? When you were a kid you wanted to learn these things so bad that you did it over and over again until you succeeded!

Now that we are older most of us are impatient. If something doesn't work out immediately, we give up, we think we have failed.

But as you might have heard:

“Failure is a matter of perspective”

If you see this as an opportunity instead of a failure you can reflect on what is not working, you can see where you have to improve, you can learn, readjust, and make progress!

In my video below you'll learn more about what to do when you are frustrated in your painting journey and how to deal with your perfectionism!

beginner watercolor course makoccino
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