There are a lot of watercolor myths that make watercolor painting seem to be the most difficult medium. But that is not true! And since I don't want these myths to prevent you from experiencing the beauty and the full potential of watercolors I'm here to debunk a few of these myths!

Watercolor myth #1

Whenever I hear people talk about watercolor someone says that watercolor is the hardest medium to paint with.

But something being hard for you or difficult really just means that you are not familiar or comfortable with it! Which can be changed! 😉 When you started your art journey for example with acrylics, watercolor painting can be a real challenge for you because you are not used to it! The paint behaves completely different!

For me, watercolor painting is much easier than painting with acrylics or oil because the majority of the time I've been painting with watercolors. So everything else is, of course, more diffucult to me!

Let me show you that watercolors are really not the most difficult medium and that you shouldn't let fear hold you back from creating beautiful watercolor paintings!

Let's debunk some more watercolor myths!

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