Did you ever found yourself sitting in front of your art supplies, ready to paint, relax and create a beautiful piece of art, but you have no idea what you should paint? And then you end up scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest or any stock image portals forever until you decide to give up. This is the what-to-paint block and today I want to show you how to overcome it!

Because let’s be real, if this happens to you, again and again, you’ll feel frustrated and you won’t be able to improve your skills! You will be unhappy with yourself and you might even stop being creative at all and miss your destressing me-time! 😱

Scrolling through painting ideas seems to be a quick fix, but quick fixes don’t always solve our problems. And if you are here with me, they probably didn’t work for you either.

So, instead of giving you tips on how to find ideas on what to paint, let’s get to the root cause of these blocks! Because if you are aware of what causes this problem, you will be able to overcome it!

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the issue of why we have painting blocks, because everyone has them, even the most successful artists!

Did you learn something today? I hope so! And I hope that you are able to overcome the what-to-paint blocks now! I'll upload a new video every Saturday to support you in your creative journey. To make it easier for us to learn together you can just click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel and you won't miss any of my videos!

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