Are you not really a beginner anymore but you feel like there is still so much more to learn when it comes to watercolor painting? You want your paintings to look more realistic or more interesting? Perfect! Because today I have some more advanced watercolor techniques for you to level up your watercolor art!

These top 5 advanced watercolor painting techniques are some of my favorites and they will help you create different effects in your paintings.

So let’s start with our first technique!

#1 Scratching

With this technique, you either scratch into the paper or scratch off a little bit of the surface of the paper. Doing this you can add fine details to objects, like leaves, grass or any other areas where you want to achieve a fuzzy effect. Scratching into wet paint is a lot faster and easier than adding fine lines to dried paint. Plus, it can look more realistic.

To create these dark lines, you can use the end of your brush if it has a more pointy end, a palette knife, or an Exacto knife, the metal tip of a mechanical pencil, and then scratch in the lines while the paint is still wet.

If you wait and let it dry a little bit, you can also scrape the paint and reveal the white paper underneath.

Now if the paint is staining, you will have even more variety in your painting!

This way you can apply a staining green color for example and then scrape off some of the grass to reveal some highlights in the field.

Watch my video below for the other 4 advanced watercolor painting techniques and some exciting news!

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