DIY: Halloween Card + Bat Gift Tag Clips

Hey everyone!Want to send cute and spooky Halloween greetings this year? In this video I will show you how to make an easy Halloween greeting card and a bat clip that you can use as a tag for additional gifts or as decoration! They are both easy to make and you will only need just […]

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DIY: Blood Choker & Earrings for Halloween

Hey everyone!Do you want to spice up your Halloween outfit with some accessories that are cheap and easy to make? In this video I will show how to make a blood choker, skeleton bones and spider webs just by using some hot glue! If you are going to recreate this DIY, make sure to share […]

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DIY: Magic Wizard Wand

Hey everyone! Ever wondered how you can make your own magic wizard wand that is easy to make and is super cheap as well? In this video I will show you to make your DIY magic wizard wand! Things you will need:– Chopsticks– Brushes– Hot glue– Acrylic paint– Beads More Halloween DIYs here! If you are […]

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