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DIY: 5 Canvas Decor & Gift Ideas

Hey everyone!This time I’m going to share with you 5 different ideas what you can do with a plain canvas. They are all easy to make and the result looks very cute and it’s perfect for decorating your room or as a personal gift! For these different Ideas you will need some confetti, washi tape, […]

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DIY: 5 Ways to Decorate Boring Picture Frames

Hey everyone!One of my goals for this year is being more consistent with my videos. I upload regularly, but I don’t actually have a schedule. This is why I decided to upload every Thursday from now on! Thursday is my favourite day of the week since it means it’s almost Friday and everything I used […]

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DIY: Cute Valentine’s Day Cards

Hey everyone! Are you looking for some cute Valentine’s Day cards? In this tutorial I will show you 3 different card ideas that are not only cute but also easy to make! You can get very creative with these basic ideas especially with the slider card you can paint anything you want on it that […]

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DIY: Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hey everyone!I came up with some easy DIY gift wrapping ideas for you that you can implement for any occasion!Since Christmas is coming soon, I thought maybe some of you still need some ideas on how you should decorate your gifts to make it more personal and cute! I hope you like the ideas!Have a […]

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DIY: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Do you feel like the time is running out and you still have no idea what you should get someone as a gift?Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out!I came up with some personal and easy DIY gifts you can give to your friends, parents or someone else.  They are not only cute and personal, […]

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DIY: Personal Gift Ideas

Hey everyone! Are you still looking for a Christmas gift that is not only cute but also personal?  In this video I will show you 3 gift ideas that you can also gift to someone as a whole set. This is especially a great gift for everyone that loves tea and coffee. Things you will […]

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