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spring awakening locket

This is a collage of my new locket I’ve made in the last days. I like the combination of gold and silver. As if the sun shines on the cold wintersnow! If you like it, you can visit my shop for more information! Have a nice weekend everybody! ~mako

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Strawberry Field

Today is such a beautiful day! I was so inspired to do something creative besides my crafting for my etsy shop. Therefore I took everything pretty I could find in my room to make beautiful photos! Those are not the best but I’m happy how they turned out! Guess what this beautiful cabochons are waiting […]

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Sunray kissed flower necklace

Some say spring is the time of love; I say it is the time for new beautiful accessories to love! Do you have already a nice dress for the spring time in your wardrobe? I bet this necklace will perfectly suit to it! The warm antique pink colour of the flower and the antique bronze […]

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Sneak a peek

Hey everyone! It is already March… Do you look forward to spring? I do! Therefore I’m working hard to make a lot of spring inspired jewellery to share with you! I’m not finished yet but this should be a “sneak a peek”! I hope you like it! You can follow me on twitter @makoccinos, then […]

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Special Valentine’s Day Gift Offer

Special Valentine’s Day Gift Offer in my shop! Please note this is a very special offer! Only ONE available and free shipping! Since Valentine’s Day is coming soon I thought about a special offer for you! It is not only for the Valentine’s Day but also for every special occasion! You will get a lovely […]

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OOAK Azure Blue Ocean Earrings

Hey everybody!After weeks of gloomy weather I could finally take some pictures of my new earrings I wanted to share with you! The sun was only 1 h there so I had only a few minutes! These are my favourite earrings I have made in the last days. I have some with feathers and svarovski […]

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