My new book No-Fail Watercolor is out now!

busy busy busy

Hey everyone!I’m very sorry for my lack of postings the last weeks. I was so busy with my items in my shop, visiting friends, waiting for my supplies and developing new ideas that I thought I shouldn’t write until I have something interesting to share. T_T But hey! I have some new items in my […]

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Frozen Apple Phone Strap

Taking good pictures is so hard =.= I’m so sad every time the pictures of my items end up miserable. When I hold the finished piece in my hand I am so excited to show it to my friends, my family or to the world. My family can see my art live but not all […]

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Another Locket Necklace

This is my second locket I’ve made in the last days. It looks simple but these lockets take hours… And I already have to wait weeks for my supply! But okay.. it is part of the job! I hope you like it! I’m working on other things right now and I hope I can show […]

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Heart Locket Necklace

As promised here is my new necklace I’ve made in the last days! I wanted to keep it simple but still powerful!I love the little butterfly. The necklace looks beautiful and sophisticated with the purple bead and the butterfly. I hope you like it! Here are some pictures of it! If you are interested in […]

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A new Day!

Hey and welcome to my new blog! This will be my blog only about (my) Arts & Crafts! For my rather personal blog please visit Beyond all Edges! First I want to show you my new shop! I have not that much items yet, but I’m working on that! My Etsy Store New necklaces and […]

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