Do you have problems with getting started with watercolors or do you have a hard time getting back into your hobby after taking a break from watercolors? Perfect, because today I have some watercolor painting ideas for beginners and everyone who comes back to watercolor painting. So you are in the right place!

Our world is still so crazy and it is very important to take some time for yourself. So that you can recharge and prevent yourself from getting burned out and unhappy.

I know that the beginning of a new hobby can be quite intimidating and overwhelming. That’s why I want to help you jumpstart your creative hobby so that it’s easier for you to stick with it!

The watercolor painting ideas for beginners I’m sharing with you today are from my book No-Fail Watercolor. I wrote it last year and it is now available worldwide!! 🥳

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But now let’s start with today’s painting ideas!

Did you enjoy my video? I hope you liked my painting ideas and found them helpful! There are many more projects like this in my book!

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