Our today's featured artist is giftforever! She has such cute things in her shop! Please check them out! And now… time to get inspired!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

What is your background?
My name is Koula and I come from Greece. I studied Archaeology at the University of Athens and I have an MSc in Architectural Materials Conservation from the University of Bournemouth in England. I am currently working as an administrative secretary and at the same time me and my husband (he is a jewellery maker) design and create some small treasures and we offer them in our shop on Etsy. I got started creating these small things, when my children started painting (they wanted someone to draw with them). We were drawing and my husband saw these drawings and he gave me the idea to create funny, affordable and for every hour of the day jewels. And here we are now!!!

What hobbies or interests do you have?
My hobbies have to do mostly with my children (4 and 1). I want to spend as much as I can with them. So we go swimming, theatre, movies, excursions and everything that parents do with their children.

Is there a specific design style that you really like?
I prefer minimalism, but when I see something that is really unique, even if it is “too rich for me” I do not say no. We decided to present funny jewels because everyone has a funny side. The materials are simple and workable, but most of all, affordable. We use colours for a sunny touch and we hope to achieve the top quality.

What drives you?
At the beginning we saw the etsy shop as a new way of income. Month after month we realised that our small treasures do have fans and some of them did actually sent us encouraging notes and e-mails. Now we can combine the new way of income with the creation of something you really like and love. 

What are you passionate about?
I’ve being motivated by the critique we receive times to times. I am happy when everything goes well and I am angry when someone finds a fault in a product. It is difficult to overcome these emotions, but at the end these are the ones that keep you in constant motion.


Why did you choose your career / niche / topic / market?
As I have already mentioned, at the beginning we saw as a new way of income, and, of course, it remains an income for my family. It was also a way to express myself. I cannot be a writer or painter, two things that I really love, so I design inspired by my two children (their toys and fairytales) children’s images and drawings. These drawings come to life with the help of my husband who puts, as we say, the final touch.

What are your goals? 
I am hoping to have more inspiration and create more small treasures. I want to keep my customers satisfied. I want to be a better person and reflect that to my work.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Healthy, happy, with my family and friends also healthy and happy. I try to live every day as being the last day of my life. I want my children to grow up (now they are 4 and 1) happy and especially healthy, in a world full of love and peaceful.

Tell us about your shop:

How do you describe what you do and why are you doing what you do?
We try to offer something unique and funny to those who want to feel like that.

What difference do you want to make in this field?
My goal is not to make a difference but to keep satisfy my customers so they can be able to come back for something new.

Describe your ideal customer & the world they inhabit.
There is no ideal customer. Everyone is unique and have his/her own personality. Our shop tries to meet the specific needs of everyone who visits our little shop.

What do you want to be known for in your business?
We offer cheap but quality creations. I want everyone to say that Giftforeveris a unique shop, funny, affordable but with no deductions to the quality of its products.

What 5 words best describes your aesthetic
  • simplicity
  • fun
  • casual
  • unique
  • inexpensive
What is about your shop that is unique? What makes your shop different?
We love, nature, animals, children. We try to blend these three characteristics in our creations, using simple but quality materials. Our creations are addressed to everyone, from a 15 year old girl to a beautiful 85 year old lady (I am saying that because my grandmother wears some of our products).

I'm a turtle! weeee

What’s your story & why should I buy from you?
I learnt that nothing is for free. You have to work hard and unfold your personality through your work, especially if your family is in need. Our times are difficult and the economic crisis affects everyone, even if some of us do not want to accept it. There is a constant need for something new, unique, optimistic and of course affordable. We believe that our creations reflect all of the above.  

What event or need causes them to search for what you offer? Which problem do you solve?
The environment of my current job is not ideal. I was tired and was looking for something that would inspire me. Through these creations I learned to communicate better with my husband, I spend more time with my children and learn new things which inspire me. All of the above give me everyday a breath of fresh air, energy, something that I do not find it in the office. 

What is your message?  
Optimism, we need optimism especially this hour that the entire world watches numb the events in Japan. We need to stand up and do something.