You love art and spending time being creative?! Why not turn it into products to sell? So that you can spend more money on more art supplies and spend even more time being creative! Let me show you how to turn your art into money!

Print on demand websites!

You can use your art to design different products. Since you probably don't have enough room for a warehouse filled with your products you can use Print on demand websites. So when someone wants to buy something with your design, the website takes care of the production and the shipping!

I, myself tried that a few months ago! A lot of my knowledge about designing patterns (and so much more!) I learned on Skillshare. And I added a playlist for you full of videos I watched to learn for this project! You can find it at the bottom of this entry, plus full access to all the premium content for two months for free!!

How to get your art on the website!

You need to decide which pieces of your art can be turned into a physical product and scan them into your computer. Even though some websites say that 300 dpi are enough I scanned everything with 1400 dpi so that there won't be any pixels seen on very large products like curtains.

Before uploading it to your print on demand website I used photoshop to remove any dust or spots and adjusted the contrast and saturation if necessary.

Please do keep in mind that different websites have different requirements and different guidelines for specific products! So far I only used the websites society6 and redbubble which are easy to set up!

Products you designed!

The best part about this is that you can have your art not only as a print but as home decor and other accessories. I ordered some of my products to test the quality of different things and it's amazing to hold something you designed yourself!

Now if you want a little more details on how to turn your art into money watch my video below! I hope you want to try it out yourself! If you want to take a look at my shop check out the links at the bottom of this post!

This episode is sponsored by my friends at Skillshare. All opinions are my own! I only promote websites and services I truly believe in and personally use!

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You can find my Skillshare playlist on getting started with designing patterns right here. And two month access to all the premium content on Skillshare for FREE here!

In the following you'll find both my RedBubble and my Society6 shop. Plus some links to my collection you might wanna check out as well!