Christmas is almost here! If you still need a gift for a loved one you're in the right place! I have an awesome DIY christmas gift idea for you! You can easily create unique gifts for your friends and family! Today you'll learn how to create watercolor bookmarks!

You feel like your not creative or you're new to watercolors?

We'll it's never too late to learn something new! You can click here to find my FREE guide on watercolor painting for beginners where I walk you through the very first steps! Maybe this is just the right hobby for you to calm and slow down in the hurry of christmas time.

!Spoiler Alert!

In the video below you'll find a tutorial for you that you can follow along if you don't know how or what to paint!!

Let's start!

But now let me tell you how easy it is to make your watercolor bookmarks and what to keep in mind when you create this beautiful DIY christmas gift!

First things first, get yourself some watercolor paper and have fun painting!! You should consider that you will cut the painting into bookmarks later. I painted a northern light landscape which is a perfectly suitable subject to be cut into pieces and still look amazing!

Now after you enjoyed painting let it dry completely before you cut it into bookmarks! You can even create round edges using a puncher you can buy on amazon or punch a hole through the top to add a ribbon! Be creative!

Last and most important thing to do!!

Sealing your painting to protect it and the book! There are sprays (I used one by schmincke) which are made for watercolors. You just spray it over your painting and let it dry!!

And taddaaaa you just made some easy DIY christmas gifts!! I hope you and the one(s) who receive them love them as much as I do!

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