I recreated some of my old art and I realized that this is a very good way to see if I have improved! Most of the time we tend to compare ourself with others and this can be so frustrating! You'll be much happier and much more aware of your own success and progress if you take time to reflect and compare yourself to yourself respectively your past results! That's why I have some watercolor painting tips for you to increase your joy and motivation during your watercolor journey!

#1 Stop Worrying & Have Fun!

Did you ever find yourself thinking that you're painting is not super realistic, not super stylized, not something special….? Let me tell you something! Creating art is not about what others will say or think about it! If you don't feel like painting a super realistic painting then don't! Don't lose touch of what you actually want an why you create art. So please stop worrying and have fun with your watercolors!

#2 Know Your Colors!

It doesn't matter what you paint, as long as you know how to use your colors. Sometimes beginners use huge watercolor sets following tutorials and don't really know what they are doing. A good way to get to know your color is to play around with different color combinations and see how your colors mix! If you don't know where to start you can find a FREE guide at the end of this post. You'll learn a bit about watercolors and mixing them. So exactly what you need to know to avoid muddy paintings. 😉

#3 Keep It Simple!

Looking at my older paintings I realize that I went overboard with different colors. And that's totally okay, but by now I know that less is more! Keeping it simple and only focusing on your colors and how you apply them can create such beautiful results without even trying to do something special!

#4 No pressure!

Don't be afraid of messy paintings! They are a stepping stone to a better one! You keep learning with every painting you create! If it ends up in a muddy mess you learned that it doesn't work out that way and you can use that knowledge for every future painting!

I also want to mention that with watercolors you always have a chance to fix things! You can reactivate your watercolors or paint over it.

So let go of the pressure and have fun!

#5 Watercolor Paper!

Investing in good quality watercolor paper is a game changer!! If you're not happy with your results it's probably not your fault! I tested different watercolor papers and paints what I found out is that high quality watercolor paint on low quality paper ends up in bad results. BUT cheap watercolors look much better on higher quality paper!

So if you're frustrated and you feel like giving up on watercolor painting because your art doesn't turn out as you wanted it to you might want to upgrade your supplies to take your art to the next level! (There is a FREE guide to watercolor supplies for you below the video. Just in case you need one ;))

In my video below you'll find my watercolor painting tips and as always a little more info on everything. Plus, you can watch me recreate my own art from 2018!

Here is the link to my FREE watercolor mixing guide that I mentioned above where you can learn more about colors and how to mix them!

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