Did you find yourself stuck in a creative rut? You don't know how to find ideas? Don't blame yourself, these times are crazy and I'm here to help you!

But first I wanna be completely honest with you.

I didn't have any time left to make more YouTube videos in the past, because there was just so much going on here. My online course and the live session we had in that course, my book (yes, I wrote a book! It's not published yet but I'm pretty excited! 😍). However, this will change in the future and you'll be hearing/seeing me again on a regular basis!

I decided to do a live Q&A sesson on YouTube with you, to have a little chat and spend some time together. 😍

We're talking about how to overcome an art block, how to start a YouTube channel, how to deal with bad art, how to start an art career, how to get out of a creative rut, how to find ideas for your art….. and sooo much more!

It was great to hang out with you guys! If you missed it, don't worry! You can watch our live session in the video below to get all the answers!

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