Have you ever looked at your painting and thought: “I hate my art!” or “This painting is the most ugly painting I've ever created!” or “I can't paint at all!”

You felt discouraged and wanted to quit painting? It might even felt like you were going backwards with your progress? Because the painting you did before was way better than this.

I've been there multiple times!

But what I discovered is that there is actually good news behind this. Good news? Yes, I said good news! Because it means that you are improving your painting skills!

Are you confused now? Don't worry, I know this sounds crazy! But even though it seems to be pretty unbelievable, trust me, the following will be a total game changer for your art journey!!

Go from “I hate my art. I should quit!” to “I hate my art. That's great, I improved my skills!” in a few minutes by watching my video below!

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