Starting with Watercolors is overwhelming and intimidating! There are so many things you think you don't know and you're probably right. But there is no need to give up because I'm here to help you with my Top 12 Tips for starting (over) with watercolors!

#1 Use qualitiy supplies

And I'm NOT talking about the most expensive supplies!

There are huge differences in the quality of supplies and believe me they do have a huge impact on your results/your happiness! If you want to learn more about supplies you'll find a link to my free supplies guide at the end of this blogpost.

#2 Just start

It's easy to fall into the trap of buying art supplies and keep looking for better art supplies and end up spending so much money on your hobby without really painting. So my tip is just buy a few good quality supplies and start!

#3 It doesn't need to be perfect

Expecting your first painting to be a masterpiece will only get you discouraged and make you wanna quit! Please focus on the process not on the result. Especially, when you're just starting out and you want to learn!

The best part of watercolor is that it is not meant to be perfect!

So don't put pressure on yourself. Enjoy painting, being creative and what you feel during this process!

#4 Play with your supplies

Regardless whether you're just starting out or you’ve been painting for a while, don’t forget to play with your supplies! You will get to know this medium a lot better when you play with your supplies and different basic techniques!

These were just four of my top 12 best tips for someone who has never used watercolors or starts over. If you want to know the other eight (which are even better 😉) just watch my video below!

As promised above, here is the link to my free supplies guide. Just click here, insert your name and e-mail address and your free guide will be on its way right into your inbox!

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