As I received a lot of questions about this I thought it's time to tell you more about how I started my career as a full-time artist!

I've received a lot of requests about making a video about my personal art journey lately! That's why I asked you a couple of days ago for specific questions you might have for me.

And today is the day! You'll finally get some answers! I couldn't answer all of your questions but I covered as many as possible!

Here's a little sneak peek of the following video:

I'll tell you how I became a professional artist, including my education and financing the start. How I include painting in my daily life and what I do when I feel discouraged. What to do when people tell you to get a “real” job and some other things that led to where I am now!

In short: This video is all about how I started my career as a full-time artist and how you can do that too! 😉

Are you ready to become a full-time artist?! I hope so! If you feel like you still need to learn more before you can become a professional artist, that is okay and no need to worry about! I'm here to support you! Check out my free guides and cheat sheets right here!

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