You need something to relax and unwind after work? You picked up watercolor painting as your hobby but you have no inspiration on what to paint?

You are right where you should be! Because today I'll show you 12 quick and simple painting ideas and additional painting prompt ideas you can use whenever you want to paint!

Since it's fall I thought it would be nice to pick it as a theme for today's video.

So here are my 12 quick and easy cozy fall painting ideas:

  • an umbrella and boots for rainy fall days
  • cute house shoes
  • books maybe with some bookmarks or stacked books
  • cozy warm sweaters
  • a delicious pie
  • you'll find the other painting ideas in my video below!

You need a tutorial? That's great because I happen to have a tutorial on these ideas in my video below! 😉


In my next video I want to show you how to find time and the motivation to pick up your brush after a long day at work. Because, let's be real, a lot of people just want to do nothing at all when they come home from work! Even though they know that to relax and unwind after work would be way easier if they would spend time with a creative hobby rather than Netflix!

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Before you go, here is a little gift for you!

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