You want to get back into watercolor painting but you feel like you forgot everything about it? You have the supplies but you are overwhelmed and your motivation and confidence are fading?

I know this is hard! But you are lucky, you found your way here and I have some tips and trick for you that will help you get back into watercolor painting! So let's start with the first tip!

Accept the time you haven't painted and move on!

It's easy to feel guilty about the break you took from your creative hobby and to think that you could've been much better by now if you hadn't stopped! But that is dwelling on the past and that won't lead you anywhere!

The truth is: You will probably need some time to warm up again but you don't have to start all over! Focus on the present moment and start putting time and effort into your art and have fun!

Find or Remind yourself of your why!

What was the reason you started painting in the first place? Did use painting to relax? Did you found a way to express yourself through your art? Whatever your reason was, make sure to remind yourself of it to motivate you to get back into watercolor painting!

Set yourself up for success!

I already mentioned this the last time. But it is very important that you don't need a lot of time to get started with painting. Make it as easy as possible for you. You could create a small space for yourself that has everything you need to paint. So that you can start easily without a lot of preparation time!

Start off with simple painting exercises to have fun and to build your confidence!

Don't be overwhelmed or afraid! You don't need to paint an incredible masterpiece. Just start with simple painting exercises, a few brush strokes, color swatching, creating a color chart, and different color combinations.

All these exercises help you to reconnect your senses to the painting process. Give your body the chance to physically recognize the process of painting and get it excited for more!

For more tips and tricks on how to get back into watercolor painting, watch my video below!

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