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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living #1

Hello everyone! A couple of months ago I’ve found a book by Dale Carnegie called “How to stop worrying and start living”. Maybe some of you know him! And I find his book is really helpful to calm down whenever you are stressed or worried. It has 8 parts that are devided into 28 chapters. […]

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100ThemeChallenge – Variation 1 – Introduction

Hello everyone! It has been awhile! My last post (before my random fimo haul…) was 2 months ago.. how time flies, doesn’t it? How are your resolutions going so far? I actually had just 2 resolutions as you can read in my last post: to be stronger and live in day-tight compartments. Since I started going to university […]

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Spring Polymer Clay Haul

I got my fimo order today! Yay! I bought them online this time because everytime I go shopping for craft supplies, the prizes are just crazy and I want to buy everything. x_x Therefore I’ve found a nice deal online and here it is! I picked these colours because I didn’t have them or because […]

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Dreams, Life, Happiness – 2012

Aoi Miyazaki Okay, after procrastination the whole week and after watching lots of Sailor Moon openings and transformations, I think I’m finally ready to write a blog-post I wanted to write the last days… Almost 2012! Time is flying so fast, doesn’t it? And a lot of people start to think about their resolutions and what […]

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Black Friday SALE!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a great time!For this special occasion I thought about a small weekend sale in my shop! It starts NOW and ends on Monday, November 28, 3pm EST. Use this coupon at the checkout: BLACKFRIDAY and get 15% off your order! For each new morning with its light, For rest […]

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DIY: Charmed Pencil Pouch

5 weeks until Christmas!!! Christmas songs, cookies, chocolate, candles….. Excited!  For all of you who are looking for a nice gift that is personal and hand-made here is a great idea! School started a couple of weeks ago but I bet there are people out there who desperately need a nice pencil pouch! So what do you think? […]

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