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Super Delicious Charms

Hey everyone! I have a new tutorial for you! And this time I want to show you how to make some m&m’s charms that you can use for necklaces, bracelets, earrings.. everything you want! It is actually really simple but I had a lot of fun making them so I wanted to share it with […]

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DIY: Cute Notepad

Man, it has been a while! I’m sorry for being away that long! Just moved to a new place and everything was too stressful to handle. But to that later! Finally I have a new tutorial for you guys! I hope enjoyed it! It would so awesome to see your creations! All you need is: […]

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DIY: Bow Ring

Hello everyone! It has been awhile but I finally have a new tutorial for you! There were quiet a lot of tutorials about bow rings but somehow they had the same shape or were out of fabric. So this time I wanted to show how I usually make my bow rings. Of course you can […]

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DIY: Desk Organizer

Hey everyone! I’ve told you that I was planning to make tutorials and was working on a storyboard for my first video? Now here it is! It took me AGES to edit it. =_= The program crashed everytime and I always found mistakes. But it is finished! Yeahh! This is my first video so bear with me! […]

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Shop Update + News + Treasury

Finally I have some new items to share! Still working on hand painted necklaces but this time I can show you some of my new small pocket watches I listed today in my shop! They are very limited because I’m not sure whether someone likes it or not but we will see! Pocket Watch #1 […]

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living #2

{ Source: digibuddhaArtPrints } I think almost everyone wants to have a special formula to solve problems. And this time Dale Carnegie shares one method with us that he discovered on his journey finding solutions for worry. There isn’t a magic trick behind it, but this method can help you to overcome worry and stay calm. He […]

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