Did you start your painting journey and you find yourself sitting in front of your paper feeling like nothing is working? And you wonder if painting is even the right thing for you? Please don't give up you're in the right place to learn what it takes to become better at painting!!

Most of the time, we forget that progress in any field is not just developing and having the skills. You also want to develop a healthy and growth-oriented mindset along the way in order to not selb-sabotage your own progress and happiness!

That's why I want to make you aware of 6 self-sabotaging habits you might have. And show you how to deal with them and fight them. So that you become better at painting!

Let's start with the first self-sabotaging habit:

#1 Chasing pointless perfectionism

Perfectionism doesn't really help you in any way on your creative journey. All it does is make you feel miserable and oftentimes offers great opportunities to procrastinate. You're worried about how you'll feel about yourself and what others might think of your artwork. You're so focused on the outcome that you only see mistakes and get frustrated with your own skills. You keep tweaking and tweaking your artwork until you’ve entirely overworked your art piece and made it even worse.

But let me tell you – you’re already an artist. You don’t need perfect artwork to prove this and to prove your worth! Because the fact that you are creating something that hasn’t been there before with your own hands is all that matters.

And no art is perfect. It always has mistakes because we’re not machines but perfectly imperfect human beings.

#2 Seeking approval from outside

I used to make the mistake of showing every new piece of art or craft I created to my parents. They never seemed to be impressed because they either didn’t like it or simply didn’t get it. I realized at some point that they will probably never understand and cheer on me.

So I became my biggest cheerleader!

I know we all want to get feedback from the outside. We want to hear that the art we created is good or that we’re on the right track. But we have to keep in mind that not everyone is the right person to ask such things.

So the best thing to do is: become your own biggest cheerleader! 🥳

Learn more about self-sabotaging habits to become better at painting in my video below!

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