Procrastination is very common among artists and creatives. And the reason why you’ve found your way to my website and you’re reading this blog post might be because you are procrastinating right now.

Creative people tend to procrastinate a lot and for most of us, the root cause of procrastination is perfectionism!

Perfectionism doesn’t seem to be too bad, because it means that you just want to create high-quality work all the time. No problem right?

The problem appears when your standards are too high. You start to feel anxious about your results and you put a lot of pressure on yourself. You’re not happy with your paintings and in the worst case: you don’t enjoy painting as much as you used to.

And that is when you try to escape those negative feelings by putting off your painting practice. You might end up looking for more inspiration, finding more tutorials and more teachers, buying more supplies… you procrastinate but you never actually paint!

It's a vicious cycle. The more perfect you want the outcome to be, the more pressure you put on yourself to get it right. And the longer you put off doing the thing, the more perfect you think it has to be.

But now you are here and you are aware that you're stuck in this loop. So we can do something about it!

Your procrastination has led you to me and I’m here to show you how to stop it! You can break out of the vicious cycle of perfectionism and procrastination. And you can make a habit of painting regularly and keep enjoying it!

Let’s get started!

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