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DIY Watercolor Bookmarks – Easy Watercolor Christmas Gift Ideas

northern lights bookmarks

Christmas is almost here! If you still need a gift for a loved one you’re in the right place! I have an awesome DIY christmas gift idea for you! You can easily create unique gifts for your friends and family! Today you’ll learn how to create watercolor bookmarks! You feel like your not creative or […]

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Create Special Effects with these Watercolor Techniques!

You think creating special effects with watercolors is only for absolute pros?! I’m sorry to say that but you’re totally wrong!! Isn’t that quite good though? 😉 Making your picture more vivid and interesting is not that difficult! It may take a little practice but you can easily learn how to add: Fog or mist, […]

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Little known Watercolor Painting Techniques that’ll Instantly create Depth

Today’s topic is watercolor techniques that create depth or how to make your painting look three-dimensional!! Yes, you got that right, we’re talking about three-dimensions and vividness to make your painting more interesting! Have you ever wondered how you can create depth and you tried but it didn’t work out the way you wanted it? […]

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How to Paint Cherry Blossoms Inspired Flowers with Watercolors! Spring Painting Ideas

Spring painting ideas

It’s spring, a season filled with beautiful colors! That’s why today is all about spring painting ideas! You always wanted to learn how to paint cherry blossoms inspired flowers with watercolors with me? Perfect! Because that is exactly what we’re doing today! 😉 The first thing to do is sketching out the painting on a […]

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